ISM-Pittsburgh offers Employment Services

Resume Distribution Service & Dues Assistance Program

ISM-Pittsburgh offers two unique and valuable employment services to its membership. Members who become displaced and who are in good standing with the affiliate will be carried “dues free” for one-year or until the member is re-employed. Members who are currently unemployed, under-employed or seeking a change in employment may also utilize the confidential Resume Distribution Service offered by ISM-Pittsburgh.

Members who become displaced may be eligible to receive dues assistance.  For additional information and details on this program, please contact Ms. Paula Massey; ISM-Pittsburgh Secretary & Treasurer.

ISM-Pittsburgh members seeking employment assistance can participate in a confidential Resume Distribution Service.  The Resume Distribution Service is a two-step process.  Members may download the Client Summary Form (PDF or Word formats), complete it and send it to Ms. Paula Massey to place their employment information on file with the affiliate. After completing the Client Summary Form, candidates are asked to forward their resume to Ms. Massey. The Client Summary Form serves as a brief synopsis of the members’ education and experience and is the first piece of information shared with potential employers or recruiters.

If a potential employer or recruiter contacts ISM-Pittsburgh, the affiliate will first forward the client summary forms on file. These client summary forms identify the member only by a pre-assigned number (i.e. no names are listed). If, after reviewing the client summary forms, the potential employer or recruiter is interested in contacting a particular member, the affiliate will forward the requested resumes of the specific candidates. At that time, the potential employer or recruiter will be given a copy of the requested resume and is then free to contact the member directly. No names are provided to the potential recruiters or employers until this point in the process.

These services are designed to assist members in need of employment or dues assistance, as well provide potential employers or recruiters access to leading supply management professionals. If you have any further questions on these services, please contact Ms. Paula Massey; ISM-Pittsburgh Secretary & Treasurer at 724-508-0200 or to discuss.

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